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About ARES

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In May 2016, a smart contract called “The DAO” was launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The contract - a decentralized investment fund – was the first large-scale deployment of a decentralized application. It raised 11.5 million Ether, worth over $230 million US Dollars just prior to its collapse. ARES aims to present an alternative implementation that eliminates any game theoretic and mechanical attacks that would result in the loss of user funds.

ARES, in conjuction with the BoardRoom.to Governance Project, hopes to reshape human governance and make decentalized collaboration possible.

BoardRoom.to Governance Project

ARES is designed by a highly skilled and experienced developer team lead under the BoardRoom governance project.

Community Driven

ARES would not be possible without the fine work and support of the Ethereum community.

Technical Overview

ARES Basics • Approach • Understanding

Token Voting

ARES, like many governance systems before it, uses tokens for voting where funds are allocated. The tokens are dispersed with a linear dispersal schedule, usually 1 ether per token. Your voting weight is directly equal to the amount of tokens you have in your account.

Contract Design

The ARES protocol is designed with four primary contracts. These contracts make up a single instance of an ARES protocol DAO. Thanks to the BoardRoom design pattern, the entire Rules and BoardRoom governane contracts can be swapped out by single proposal transactions. This allows an ARES DAO to evolve over time, making minor and major changes and upgrades when needed.

No Curators

The ARES protocol has no curators. This means that there is NO select group within the governance structure annoyted with special powers. Instead, every member gets a vote based on the amount of tokens they hold.

Thwarting Attack

The ARES protocol can thwart tyranny attacks by creating a transfer DAO in which all users except the attacker are invited. This allows a single governance formation to adapt to majority rules attacks and move over to a DAO in which the attacker is eithe weakened or no longer part of the membership. Any user can create the new transfer DAO, and users can transfer with as little as two transactions.

Instant Withdrawals

At any time, any user of an ARES DAO can choose to burn their tokens and receive their proportional share of the fund. For example, if the total fund size is 10 ether, the total token supply is 10 and you hold 3 tokens, you may burn your 3 tokens to receive 3 ether in your account at any time, including during the crowdsale.

BoardRoom Design Pattern

The ARES protocol contract implementation uses the BoardRoom contract design pattern. This enables an ARES DAO to evolve over time while maintaining control over the assets it holds.

Proposals, Voting, Execution

Users of an ARES DAO can create new proposals, vote on proposals and execute proposals.

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